Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Email, Username and Password

First thing to do to can do an online business is to have a valid email account. Email is a major capital must be owned and not a familiar thing for our daily life. But not many who use their email for a business other than business.

Distinguish between the email is only used as personal email accounts with a business account. If it should become one, then create separate folders in a single email to store important things like usernames and passwords to be easily found again any time if necessary.

Replace your main email password periodically for security and look for keywords that are high but easy to memorize. this is important because our main email store the username and password accounts of our business in cyberspace.

We recommend that you do not use the email that we link out to the mailing list by e-mail for business purposes. This is important because an email mailing list will go continuously and satisfy our email inbox, so when there are important emails received will be difficult to detect.
to facilitate the recall is for the entire account create the same username and password, if different then make a maximum of four different password and username because if it exceeds that it will be very difficult to memorize. important thing to do if you forget the password then save it in an email.
Special to create a password combination of letters, numbers, and characters. Not too short and not too long, and easy to remember.

The purpose of online business is to get profit from the Internet without spending capital as the leading online business for beginners. Then, create email on freeware that provide email service free or not paid, such as ymail, gmail, live, or any other free email.

After having an email account then the next step is to determine what type of online business where we want to follow and enjoy.